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August 2012
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And yeah, Darcy might’ve been thanked in more than one award speech over the years, in a general, “I could never have done this without the loving support of my family,” kind of way, but it really wasn’t that big a deal.

Or, that one where Darcy’s family is basically Hollywood royalty, but she just wants to study political science and not have her personal life dissected in Us Weekly.

Also known as that one where Darcy happens to resemble her grandmother, one of the famous silver screen bombshells of the 40’s and 50’s, quite a whole hell of a lot. Steve was a big fan. Guys, I don’t even know.

I’m opening up the pairing for a vote, I think, because I have no idea where I’m going with this. Me being me, I may at a later date ignore the vote if the plot bunny strikes me, but for now, what do you think the pairing ought to be?

  1. itshazel-belle answered: I’d love to see a Darcy/Bucky fic, since they are kind of the rarer fic to find, also enjoyable snark levels
  2. jera349 answered: Darcy/Steve please!
  3. vikanders answered: aaaaalll the Darcy/Steve feelings. :D
  4. sarcasticfina answered: Darcy/Steve!!!
  5. notevennearly answered: I’m all for Steve/Darcy, but I can’t say no to Bruce/Darcy either O_O I’m torn.
  6. intellectualhedonist answered: Darcy/Clint is my first fandom love, but with this particular storyline, I think you may have to do Darcy/Steve.
  7. k-she-rambles answered: This sounds amazing. I can just SEE Steve doing a double-take when he meets Darcy. I vote Darcy/Steve bromance for this one!
  8. melodista answered: Although it’s not a pairing I normally ship, this one really screams Darcy/Steve to me. He would be like… her Agent Coulson or something.
  9. hlahlahlahlahly answered: I vote for Darcy/Clint, with a side of Steve/Bucky, who are both gobsmacked by the resemblance and … adolescent memories
  10. rainbo-nerd answered: steve/darcy or darcy/bruce
  11. twistedingenue-old answered: I mean, I’m always gonna vote Darcy/Clint, because he’s the one that cares about Darcy, not the grandma. But otherwise steve or bucky.
  12. eleanor89 answered: DarcyxSteve! Or DarcyxBucky! We don’t have enough fanfictions with this pairings and this sounds like something for Cap or Bucky!
  13. absentlyabbie answered: I don’t follow you on tumblr, but I’ve devoured plenty of your work on AO3, so can I please just cast a big fat HELL YES for this?
  14. levynite answered: Um, I like how you write Bruce/Darcy although fanboy puppy Steve would be interesting, cue falling over himself and regressing!
  15. mmelolabelle said: Darcy/Steve. Pretty please?
  16. boofadil answered: I vote Darcy/Clint just cause.
  17. somanyfandomssolittletime answered: This just screams Darcy/Steve to me. There’s a lot to play with there!
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  19. robinmarlesuth answered: Definate Darcy/Steve for this one! :D
  20. earthquakedream answered: darcy/steeeeebe. there’s not enough. but i like darcy/anyone, really. darcy/pepper would be fun. darcy/girls in general is good!
  21. hai-maee answered: I feel like this one should be a Steve/Darcy because it would be cool to see Steve get all awkward around her.
  22. stlgeekgirl answered: Well considering that Steve “fangirls” her Grandmother, I”m going w/ Steve/Darcy. This coming from a Bruce/Darcy fangirl.
  23. camajama answered: Based on description alone, maybe Steve/Darcy? You could play with a lot of Cap’n-feels. But you should run with it - see what feels best!
  24. sithmom answered: I vote for Steve! (But let’s be honest; I’ll read anything!)
  25. ivebeencompromisedbybarnesfeels answered: Oh goodness, I can’t wait and I vote Steve/Darcy over and over and over again. Just think of all the fun she could have messing with him!
  26. vafrous-vee answered: Steve! ….No wait Bruce! …….Or Natasha? ….Clint? XD
  27. chromatographic answered: Well, you know I’m always up for Darcy/Bruce. Also this sounds awesome.
  28. melsmerleawe said: I’d like Steve but wherever the plot goes is cool
  30. westingturtle answered: Bucky, if he’s back? Because I feel Bucky has banter with the ladies and Golden Age Hollywood references require bantering.
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